Jen: At the middle school level, I feel that talking about sex in the classroom is not developmentally appropriate.  I agree with Sue that at the middle school level, talking about crushes, first kisses, and first boyfriends and girlfriends is more appropriate and more what the students are interested in.  However, if there are students that have more questions, I think a girls group with a guidance counselor would be a better place for them to ask questions and get answers than in English class.

I thought the question Pamela posed about whether or not sex education should only be taught by health teachers was interesting because I had never thought about an English or Math teacher also teaching sex ed.  I think that if other teachers are trained and it is something they want to teach, that they should have that opportunity.  However, I think that a teacher should be trained to talk about this subject with students before teacher a sex education class.  It is important to learn how to navigate a sensitive subject, answer questions accurately, and tailor lessons to students’ age and level of maturity.   Either way, I think all students need a sex education curriculum when in middle AND high school that is tailored to their developmental level.  As in the article we read, the statistics do not look good for students who do not have a chance at this education, as there is a direct correlation between not having sex education and the increase in teen pregnancy.  It is the school’s job to educate students so they can become responsible citizens and making healthy choices in one’s personal life is part of being a responsible citizen.


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